Tobacco Merchant Account

Avail High Risk Tobacco Merchant Account

Although, the tobacco companies have a wide customer base spread all over the world and the tobacco businesses are flourishing at a fast pace, the industry is still tagged as ‘high risk’. Many banks and credit issuing authorities of the private and public sectors consider tobacco merchants as high risk companies which would mean they can hold back the tobacco firms’ merchant services. Strict government rules & regulations, high chargeback rates, and complications with online tobacco sales are other reasons why tobacco merchants might face challenges to complete transactions & receive payments in bulk. Thus, there is a need to find a secure and a trusted payment gateway for Tobacco payment processingwhich would be free from such risks.

That’s where you actually need an online payment processingsystem which not only understands your needs but also ensure you receive timely payments from customers across the globe. Global eChecks is your one stop solution for receiving payments in bulk, obtaining a Tobacco Merchant Account, and running your business in a more organized manner.

We offer customized, systematic, and user-friendly Tobacco Merchant Account to cater to your specific requirements and offer a proper payment gateway for Tobacco payment processing. This could be instrumental and highly effective in helping tobacco companies to make it big in their industry!

Tobacco Merchant Account

Obtaining a Merchant Accountbecomes quite troublesome when you belong to the Tobacco industry. It becomes very challenging to get a credit card processing and options for recurring payments due to various reasons if you are in the field, including:

  • Online Tobacco Sales
  • Strict Laws by the Government
  • Higher Chargeback Rates
  • Frequently altered and changing Government Rules and Regulations
  • Preparation for any Future Sanctions, etc.

Global eChecks understands all your concerns and offer you a customized and secure option to run your business efficiently. We ensure you get your payments from your customers on time by offering you a secure Tobacco Merchant Account at highly affordable fee.

Global Currency Exchange Available

With our Tobacco Merchant Account, you can receive payments from customers living in different parts of the world using different currencies. You can rely on our e-Check processing services and offer global currency exchange facility to help you streamline business transactions without any difficulty.

The E check works in a simple way:

  • Get the required account details from your customers either over the phone or via an online payment link that can be generated from your merchant account.
  • Get the data verified through our Live Funds Verification system and let the system instantly give you an overview of inconsistencies with the provided data such as availability of funds, high/moderate/low risk based on past transactions etc.
  • Get a print out of the E Check and submit it to the bank for further processing. You can also send the E Check via a mobile phone.
  • Complete the transaction.