Terms & Conditions

The document below is an agreement that will set forth a legally binding arrangement between the clients and Global Solution. By using and service in any form you are automatically bound by the terms and conditions set by Global Solution.

The following agreement affects the clients legal rights as well as the obligations regarding Global Solution. In case the clients do not agree with the set terms and conditions, they are advised to not access any services offered by Global Solution.

  • Global Solution License

    Global Solution now grants its clients a non-exclusive, non-transferable, terminable license to view as well as use Global Solution services for their personal use. The license granted to the clients is conditioned upon the proper compliance and conduct with the terms and conditions laid down by Global Solution.

  • Overview Of Global Solution Services

    Services from Global Solution offer the clients a cost-effective platform and more importantly, a platform for the purpose of verifying and processing the customer's check payments. Services from Global Solution enable the clients to enter their customer's check details into the system and verify whether the concerned customer(s) have the requisite funds to commit to the transfer of funds, or not. Once this verification is done and the formalities are done using the Live Funds Verification system, the clients can print the E Check and deposit it in the bank for further processing. It is, however, important to note that due to the fact that there may be a lag between when you get the check details and when you actually deposit it to the bank for processing, among numerous other influencing factors, Global Solution does not take the guarantee that the E Check will be cleared. Global Solution will not be held liable or accountable for any kind of additional fees or penalty that the clients may incur due to an E Check that does not get cleared by the bank due to any reason whatsoever.

  • The Client’s Account

    In order to make use of the services provided by Global Solution clients are needed to make a request for access and then create an account on the Global Solution system. While creating the account or updating an already existing account, clients are needed to submit certain personal details such as name, email address, mailing address, and payment information such as credit card details. This information will be kept and used as the terms mentioned in the Privacy Policy. If client(s) provide payment details or an email account that are inactive, inaccurate, untrue, or nonexistent, or Global Solution has enough evidence to believe that the above-mentioned information is or will eventually become ineffective, untrue, or inaccurate, Global Solution has the right to deny the client(s) all access to Global Solution services, and/or terminate or suspend the client(s)’ account and deny all/any current/future access to Global Solution services. The clients are responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the username, password, and any other information that can be used to access their account. The client is totally responsible for all activities that take place in their account. The clients agree to immediately intimate Global Solution in the event of unauthorized activities or a breach of security.

  • Clients’ Usage Of Global SolutionServices

    When clients use the services provided by Global Solution, they directly agree to the following:

    • 1. The client is at least 13 (thirteen) years old;
    • 2. The client has the authority as well as the capacity to enter into this agreement and be bound by it;
    • 3. Prior to making use of Global Solution’s services for any sort of transaction in order to very account details or to generate a check to deposit to the bank, the client(s) will need to obtain all the required authorization from their customer(s) and /or the owner(s) of the concerned account(s) in order to make use of the relevant financial institution data such as the bank account number, and the router number;
    • 4. The client agrees to keep their payment information current for the purposes of subscription billing or otherwise, simply paying off the fee for subscription to Global Solution’s services;
    • 5. The client(s) will not make use of the services provided by Global Solution to express slander, hatred, libel, racism, bigotry, pornography, vulgarity, and obscenity or any other form of objectionable speech. The client(s) also agree(s) that Global Solution is entitled to the right, but not an obligation, to filter out, delete, or completely remove anything that they submit to Global Solution’s service that may contain elements that Global Solution, in its own discretion, deems to be expressions of slander, hatred, libel, racism, bigotry, pornography, vulgarity, and obscenity or any other form of objectionable speech;
    • 6. The client(s) will use the services provided by Global Solution with good intent;
    • 7. The client will use the services provided by Global Solution to share spy-ware, viruses, or any other form of computer applications that intend to disrupt, interrupt, negatively affect, destroy, limit, or hinder the functionalities of global solution’s services, any other operation of Global Solution, or the resources of others clients registered with Global Solution. The client will not make use of the services in any way that leads to a violation to any state, federal, and international rules and regulations, including but not just limiting to Electronic Transfer of Funds Act, Regulation E, as well as any law, rule , and regulation related to unauthorized disclosure of third-party financial account data;
    • 8. The client agrees to adhere to all forms of applicable rules and regulation at the time of entering their customer’s payment data, as per NACHA’s latest guidelines, and that every entry of information shall in no possible way breach any provision of NACHA’s Operating Rules;
    • 9. The client will not try and establish communication with global Solution employees or any customer service executive in a way that is abusive, misleading, obscene, and untrue;
    • 10. The client will not circumvent, disrupt, or interfere any form of a security feature in global Solution’s services or any other feature that implements or restricts limitations on the usage of/access to Global Solution’s services;
    • 11. The client will not try to get passwords, account data or any form of private data from other registered Global Solution users;
    • 12. The client agrees to not reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, decipher, or attempt to get the source code/object code for any underlying application/software or intellectual property utilized in Global Solution’s services, or to get any data from global Solution’s services using any means prohibited by global Solution; and
    • 13. The client agrees not to upload any content that they do not have the rights to copy and publish or that infringe the trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights of Global Solution or any other third party.
  • Termination

    This Agreement, along with all the other amendments that may be added to it over the course of time, will remain in effect until the client cancels their subscription to the services provided by Global Solution, with the only exception being Sections 7 to 11, which shall survive this Agreement’s termination. The client may terminate this Agreement and their registered account by communicating the same to Global Solution at least 7 days prior to the end of the subscription to Global Solution’s services. In case the client terminates their account in less than days prior to the end of the subscription month, the subscription of the next month will be charged and the account will remain active till the end of the next subscription month. The client will not receive any form of a refund in return for any time left in their subscription, disregarding how much time is left on the term or when the subscription is renewed.
    The client agrees that Global Solution may, without any prior notice, suspend, cancel, or terminate their account for any particular cause. Causes for such suspension, cancellation, or termination of account include, but are not limited to,

    • Breach or violation of this Agreement and other associated agreements
    • Nonpayment of the subscription fee
    • Requests made by government or law enforcement agencies
    • Discontinuation of Global Solution’s services
    • Unexpected security or technical issues
    • Engagement by the client in illegal or fraudulent activities

    All the respective suspensions, cancellations, or terminations are done at the sole discretion of Global Solution, and Global Solution will not be held liable for any suspension, cancellation, or termination of any account or access to Global Solution’s services.

  • Modification To Service

    Global Solution reserves the right to discontinue or modify, in a temporary or permanent manner, Global Solution’s services, with or without any prior notice from time to time and at any time. Global Solution makes no representation regarding the availability of Global Solution’s services at a particular time. The client agrees that Global Solution will not be liable to them or to any other third party for a modification, unavailability discontinuation, or suspension of Global Solution’s services.

  • Indemnity

    The client agrees to indemnify and hold Global Solution and its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, officers, employees, agents, and licensor's harmless from all costs, damages, and liabilities Global Solution incurs, including without limitation its reasonable attorney's fees, with respect to all demands, claims, actions, and proceedings of any kind whatsoever, made or brought by any third party due to/arising out of the client’s use/misuse of Global Solution’s services, the client’s connection to Global Solution’s services, the client’s violation of any term of this Agreement, or the client’s violation of any rights of another.

  • Disclaimer Of Warranties

    Global Solution’s services are provided in an ‘AS IS’ and ‘AS AVAILABLE’ manner without any warranty whatsoever. Global Solution hereby disclaims all forms of warranties, either implied or express, that include, but are not limited to Fitness for a specific purpose, implied warranties of merchantability, availability of Global Solution’s services, title and non-infringement; lack of worms, viruses, Trojan horses, or other forms of does and malware that intend to contaminate or destroy; competitiveness, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, currency, or the utility of any other form of information through Global Solution’s services – including but not limited to any form of information that is presented by the client’s customer(s) and any form of typographical error by Global Solution or any other registered user; and any workmanlike effort or lack of negligence with regard to Global Solution’s services, duty of reasonable care, and content and materials on the website. The entire risk for satisfactory quality, accuracy, effort, and performance with regard to Global Solution’s services content and materials is borne by the client(s). Global Solution will not be held responsible for any form of loss of data or other materials. Some jurisdictions do not permit the limitations on/exclusion of implied warranties, so the above limitations and exclusions might not be applicable to the client(s).
    The client is solely responsible for any/all NSF fees or any other form of punitive or administrative fees that the client might incur when an obtained check is returned because of unavailability of funds, regardless of any form of information that Global Solution provided to their client as a response to the client’s request for verification of the customer’s/check writer's bank account.

  • Limitation of Liability

    The client will expressly agree and understand that Global Solution and its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, agents, employees, licensor's, and partners will not be liable to the client and/or any other entity for indirect, punitive, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages including, but not limited to, any form of damage for loss of goodwill, profits, data, use, or other intangible forms of losses (even if Global Solution has been advised of the chances of such damages), that arise out of/are related to Global Solution’s services or its contents, or to any form of breach to this agreement, even if Global Solution has had been advised of the chances of such damages and even in the case of tort, fault (including negligence) or strict, or product liability. The client further particularly acknowledges that global solution is not liable, you the client agrees not to seek to hold Global Solution liable, for the actions of third parties, including their customers, other users of Global solution’s services, and the operators of external websites/apps and services, including, but not limited to third-party payment gateways of the client’s billing payments to Global Solution. To the maximum extent permitted by the law, the client agrees that their sole and exclusive solution for any dispute with Global Solution is to stop using the services provided by Global Solution and to delete their account. The client hereby releases Global Solution and Global Solution’s affiliates from all and any form of liability, obligation, and claim. Some states do not permit the limitation or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above-mentioned exclusions or limitations might not be applicable to the client.

  • Intellectual Property

    The client agrees that all of Global Solution’s copyrights, trademarks, patents, service marks, trade names and other Global Solution logos and brand features, and service and product names are intellectual property that are and shall remain exclusively owned by Global Solution (the Global solution IP.) The client agrees not to display or use in any manner the Global Solution IP, without Global Solution’s prior permission.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Modifications: Global Solution reserves the right, at any given time, to modify the terms and conditions in this Agreement, without any prior notice to the client. If any such modification is unacceptable to the client, the only solution is to terminate their account. The client’s continued use of global Solution’s services following the effective date of the modification to the terms and conditions in this Agreement shall constitute their acceptance of such a modification.
    • Relationship of the Parties: Global Solution’s relationship with the client is that of a service provider, and nothing in this Agreement is directed to or should be intended toward, creating a partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship between or by the parties.
    • Ownership of the client’s comments/suggestions to Global Solution: If the client provides any suggestions, inputs or other forms of feedback relating to global Solution’s services, Global Solution shall have the right to fully and freely exploit and exercise any such suggestions, inputs or other forms of feedback related to its business, without notice to/approval by/attribution to/compensation to the client.
    • Entire Agreement: This Agreement lays down the entire agreement between the client and Global Solution and governs the client’s use of Global Solution’s services. This Agreement supersedes and replaces all/any earlier version(s) of this Agreement between the client and Global Solution with respect to Global Solution’s services. The client might also be subject to additional terms and conditions that might be applicable when the client uses Global Solution’s services, affiliate services, third-party software, or third-party content.
    • Choice of Law and the Forum: The client and Global Solution each agree that the Agreement and the relationship between both the parties will be governed by the laws of the State of Virginia without any regard to any conflict of law provisions and that any/all causes of action, claims, or disputes (regardless of the theory) arising out of/relating to this Agreement, or the relationship between the client and Global solution, will be brought exclusively in the courts of the State of Virginia located in Richmond, Virginia. The client and Global Solution agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located within Richmond, Virginia and agree to waive all/any objections to the exercise of jurisdiction over the parties by such courts and to the venue in such courts.
    • Solutions and Attorney’s Fees: Global Solution reserves the right to seek all solutions available by the law and in equity for violations as per the Agreement. The client agrees that if Global Solution, in its own discretion, deems that the client has violated any terms or conditions in this Agreement and Global Solution, in its own discretion, deems that the violation is significant enough, Global Solution, without any prior notice to the client, can block access to Global Solution’s services from the client’s account and from any device and IP address from which the client has accessed or tried to access Global Solution’s services. The client agrees that the consequences of re-publication of content or materials or any other forms of commercial use of materials from Global Solution’s services or other violations of the terms and conditions in this Agreement may be so serious and incalculable that monetary compensation may not be a sufficient or an appropriate solution and that Global Solution will be entitled to temporary/permanent authoritative relief to prohibit such use/activity, without the requirement to prove damages. The client also agrees that if Global Solution has to bring any proceedings or causes of action (whether as a claim, as a counter-claim, or otherwise) relating to the client’s violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or if Global Solution successfully defends a proceeding/cause of action brought by the client based in whole or in part of the client’s violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, then the client will be responsible for compensating the reasonable attorney’s fees and any other expenses incurred by Global Solution in instituting, prosecuting, or defending, such proceedings or causes of action.
    • Waiver and Sever ability: The failure of Global Solution to exercise/enforce any right or provision in this Agreement shall not consist of a waiver of such right or provision. If any right/provision in this Agreement is deemed by any court of competent jurisdiction to be incapable/invalid, the parties will nevertheless agree that the court should initiate to give effect to all the parties intentions as reflected in the concerned provision, and the other provisions in this Agreement remain in full effect and force.
    • Section Titles: The section titles in the Agreement are for convenience purposes only and have no legal/contractual effect(s).