Telemarketing Merchant Account

It is obviously easier to accept payments via an online platform. That being said, transactions become even easier with the help of a Telemarketing merchant account on a platform like ours. Having such an online payment portal essentially provides the benefit of accepting payments in the form of eChecks directly through the telemarketing payment processorwhich not only increase timed based efficiency but also minimize fraudulent activities.

E-checks are extremely time efficient. Payees can also keep false and fraudulent transactions at bay. Our Telemarketing payment gateway surely is a secure way to receive payments on the internet. E-check payments also eradicates the risk of payment failure which means the payments become way more secure.

How is E-check beneficial in Telemarketing sector?


Easy online accessibility opens up new avenues for telemarketing companies. E-Checks let them engage in different markets without any limitations eventually widening opportunities for business.

Money Saving:

Using E-checks via the Telemarketing payment processor significantly reduces processing fees. It is considered to be an efficient way for businesses to save money.


E-checks use the same system of operation as paper checks. However, eChecks are much more secure due to our unique Live Fund Verification system.

Less Error:

E Checks operate in a ‘no-error’ framework that aims at reducing errors and increasing efficiency.


Paper checks require more time and efforts whereas eChecks were brought to existence to eliminate the drawbacks of the paper check.

The subscriber can efficiently receive payments online through the secure telemarketing payment gateway by using our E-check services.

The E check works in a simple way:

  • Get the required account details from your customers either over the phone or via an online payment link that can be generated from yourtelemarketing merchant account.
  • Get the data verified through our Live Funds Verification system and let the system instantly give you an overview of inconsistencies with the provided data such as availability of funds, high/moderate/low risk based on past transactions etc.
  • Get a print out of the E Check and submit it to the bank for further processing. You can also send the E Check via a mobile phone.
  • Complete the transaction.