Privacy Policy

Online E Check trading merchant accounts enable clients to accept payments in the form of E Checks to eventually get them processed. ‘ABC Processors’ understands its role as a cashless payments service provider and realizes that how important of a role it plays in a market where high-risk category merchants face a hard time to receive payments online. This can adversely affect business and eventually the possibility of the business thriving in the competition. It can also affect the business’s ability to materialize on vital growth opportunities. Such conditions also hamper the merchant’s ability to procure credit like credit card(s) processing equipment, loans, etc. “ABC Processors” knows its role and the significant impact it can make by helping high-risk category businesses get the funds they need.

‘ABC Processors’ has come up with this privacy policy to let our clients know how the information that you yourself provide us via registration In addition to that, we intend to inform you about the other forms of information that we here at ‘ABC Processors’ collect and the way we treat it. This privacy policy is followed strictly in accordance with the local laws governing this field of business.

Our website may contain hyperlinks that may lead you to other websites. ‘ABC Processors’ will not be responsible for the privacy policy and the practices of other websites not owned by it. We advise our visitors to be aware when they leave the premises of our website and enter other websites. Additionally, we advise our visitors to go through the privacy policy of the websites they visit other than ‘ABC Processors’.

  1. The Types Of Information Received

    1. Personal Information - While using the service of ‘ABC Processors’ you need to provide pieces of personal information about you like your name, your business name, your email address, your mailing address, and your telephone number. All of the above-mentioned details fall under the category ‘Personal Information’.
      • Payment Information

        In order to pay for the subscription to the services of ABC Processors, you need to submit your payment information or credit card details. Despite the fact that your payment information is used in every subscription period until the day you cancel the subscription, ‘ABC Processors’ does not have a policy for storing payment information. The payment information is directly sent to our payment processor.

    2. Customer Payment Information– In order to avail the services of ‘ABC Processors’, you need to submit the payment details of your customer that primarily include the customer’s name, the customer’s bank account number, and the customer’s router number.
    3. Technical Information – While availing the services of ‘ABC Processors’, you automatically submit your technical information like your IP address and your device identifier.
  2. The Way We Collect Information

    1. All the information provided by you is collected via the ways and methods mentioned above.
    2. The information collected by ‘ABC Processors’ is essentially collected by way of technology, that is, cookies, Web beacons, and Flash cookies when you visit our website or open emails sent by us.
    3. We at ‘ABC Processors’ may collect information from various other sources in order to supplement or update the information you have already provided or we already collected automatically.
  3. Usage Of Information

    The collected information may be used to,

    1. Provide the clients with the services that they pay for.
    2. Have constant communication with regard to your account and its transactions.
    3. Continuously thrive to improve our operations and services.
    4. Customize the client’s experience on the website.
    5. Identify, investigate, and stop activities that can lead to a violation of our policies.
    6. Constantly check whether the system is responsive to subpoenas and other legal requests from concerned authorities.
    7. Adhere to other purposes disclosed to clients at the time the client information is collected and stored, or as mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

    The client’s personal information is used exclusively at the time of providing them our services. The information provided by the clients other than Personal Information and Payment Information can be used for any purpose deemed fit by ‘ABC Processors’.

  4. Sharing Of Information

    Sharing of information is a critical task. We at ‘ABC Processors’ do not share client information except for a few rare occasions. These occasions are –

    1. When verification or authentication is needed third party service providers are hired for a smooth and uninterrupted operation. Client Information and Payment Information is shared with the third party vendors/partners to get this process started.
    2. When the client has specifically given permission to do so.
    3. When we have to share client information with third party vendors/partners regarding the sale of our services in order to enforce our business’s Terms and Conditions, in order to guarantee the safety or our clients, and in order to protect the rights and property of the business, of the clients, and of our third party vendors/partners.
    4. When our system determines that the client information is responsive to any subpoenas or legal notices from concerned authorities.

    The thing that must be noted here is that once the information is shared with other businesses or companies, it is their privacy policy that would govern the use of the said information.

    We at ‘ABC Processors’ do not indulge in selling our clients’ Personal Information to third party vendors for business or marketing purposes.

    As mentioned earlier, we may make use of the clients’ Payment Information in order to utilize third-party vendors/partners for providing services such as Live Funds Verification and Advanced Verification services.

  5. Securing Data

    Security of information is taken very seriously at ‘ABC Processors’. We know how important it is to protect sensitive data and to prevent it from getting misused. At ‘ABC Processors, we have implemented necessary security and safety measures that are intended toward protecting our clients’ Personal Information and their customers’ Payment Information. These security measures entail SSL certification, data encryption, and finally, the utilization of a data center facilitated with an around the clock security monitoring and built-in firewalls all days of the week. We also review and work on our current policies in order to modify or add new technology methods to fortify security. Clients need to be aware of –

    1. A security measure, no matter how strict and perfect, can always get challenged. If despite our best efforts, the clients’ information is compromised, we will notify the concerned client as an obligation on their jurisdiction.
    2. Internet usage depends on the clients. The networks they use to access the internet and the information they send to different channels are actions that are under the control of the clients. It is, therefore, advised that unsecured networks and channels are avoided in order to safeguard information.

    We may use the clients’ information in different locations of the world. However, whenever such a transfer of information takes place, the first and foremost concern for ‘ABC Processors’ is to safeguard the clients’ information.

  6. Controlling information

    Clients have the privilege of modifying, changing, and correcting their information in exactly the same way they provided them in the first place.

    In case clients wish to delete their account, they need to contact ‘ABC Processors’ at Once such a request is received the necessary steps will be taken to delete the concerned account. The process will be completed within a commercially reasonable timeframe after the end of the subscription. Once the process is finished, we may retain pieces of data for archival purposes demanded by the law. It is important to take note that the process of deleting information will only include that data that is under our control. We are not responsible for data that had been shared previously in adherence to our privacy policy.

  7. Protecting Children’s Privacy

    At ‘ABC Processors’, we do allow children below the age of 13 years to register and avail our services. Likewise, we do not collect Personal Information from children below the age of 13 years.

    In case such an event comes to your notice, kindly contact ‘ABC Processors’ at so that we can take the requisite steps toward deleting the concerned account as well as the details associated with it.

    As per our privacy policy, Personal Information for children under the age of 13 years old is defined as –

    • The first name and the last name
    • Any form of physical address
    • Any form of online contact information like,
      • Email address
      • Instant message
    • Any form of username
    • Contact number/telephone number
    • Any form of a persistent identification code/name that can be made use of to identify the user over the internet
    • Any photograph containing the child’s image
    • Any geological data enough to locate the child such as,
      • Street name
      • City
      • Town
      • Zip code
  8. Modification In the Privacy Policy

    As a response to new as well as updated technology, modern industry practices, and business requirements we have the right to modify or add new elements to the privacy policy. In case these changes are material in nature, we will inform the clients. In case these changes are to be made with the consent of our clients, it shall be done. If clients choose not to accept the above privacy policy, their accounts will be disbanded.

  9. Commenting And Inquiring About the Privacy Policy

    In case of an inquiry or a contrastive comment, contact us at