Prepaid Cards Merchant Gateway

Prepaid Credit Cards have evolved as the saviors for those who cannot survive the distress related to paying off credit card debts. With the growing number of people that are choosing to pay via prepaid credit cards, the risks for the agencies providing prepaid credit card services are also growing manifolds. On top of that, imposters and hackers pose a constant threat of providing forged personal details at the time of registration and eventually misuse the prepaid credit cards later. As a matter of fact, there are customers who feel reluctant to pay charges such as the cash extraction, reloading, and customer support fee.

By subscribing to our e-Check processing solutions, prepaid credit card providers can validate the credentials of their clients at the time of opening a prepaid credit card merchant account.Sending and receiving payments become a piece of cake via a secure prepaid credit card payment gatewaywith our eCheck services. Prepaid credit card agencies can also check the payment history of their client and filter out a potential high - risk prepaid credit card merchant account.

How do E Checks aid the prepaid credit card domain exactly?

E Checks are the most time efficient and secure financial tool ever created. They are quick to use and negate almost all possibilities of internet fraud and similar activities. In such a scenario, they play an instrumental role in enabling businesses to receive payments from customers in a safe and secure mannerwith our 100% secure prepaid credit card payment gateway. Here’s how:

  • Get the required account details from your customers either over the phone or via an online payment link that can be generated from your prepaid credit card merchant account.
  • Get the data verified through our Live Funds Verification system and let the system instantly give you an overview of inconsistencies with the provided data such as availability of funds, high/moderate/low risk based on past transactions etc.
  • Get a print out of the E Check and submit it to the bank for further processing. You can also send the E Check via a mobile
  • Complete the transaction and you’re done!!