Credit Card Merchant Account

Credit restoration and repair services by credit card merchant companies are vital in monitoring people’s credit ratings, repairing their past credit scores, their chances of getting a loan, and more. We all understand how tough it may become in receiving payments from credit defaulters while providing your services. But you must get our e-Check credit card merchant servicesfor your credit repair business. With our credit card processing merchant services, you will be able to accept payments from your clients as well as customers even if they fall into the high risk category. Our e-Check Live Funds Verification system will evaluate and verify high/low risk accounts so that you can provide your services and receive the payment for the same without any difficulties. All you need is our merchant service for credit card to streamline payments and transactions!

How does the eCheck for Credit Repair work exactly?

Normally, credit card merchant services face problems in getting past the stigmas that surround their customers. Since you are providing credit repair services to clients who have had bad credit scores in the past, you would want to be able to receive payments on time, regardless. And since the customers have already been defaulters and have a bad credit score, you need to secure that the payments you would receive would not only be completed on time but also are free from hassles which you can achieve with our credit card processing merchant services. So here’s how our merchant services credit card processing would benefit you! We will set up an e-Check merchant credit card processingunit for your business, so that you can provide your services in a smooth and efficient manner. Also, with the credit card merchant account, you would be able to bypass the high/low risk factors that might be involved in the form of your clients.

  • Get your customer’s details via a mobile phone or through an online payment link.
  • Get the data verified by our unique Live Funds Verification and confirm if the mentioned bank account has sufficient funds to commit to the transaction or not. This is essential to check if the customer is in a position to pay the due amount in your credit repair merchant account or not.
  • Once confirmed, proceed toward completing the transaction in your via a printout or sending the E Check via a mobile phone to the bank.
  • Receive the payment in your merchant account for credit card and you’re done!